ABOUt the U.S. Parent Norms & Behavior Survey

The U.S. Parent Norms & Behavior Survey from Marketing for Change periodically asks parents about what they and their children do. It also asks what parents believe most other families do, which captures the perceived social norms that are likely to influence their behavior.

The most recent survey, fielded online by the global research firm Ipsos from Oct. 14–22, 2021, asked 1,019 parents about their practices around screen time, social media, guns, mental health, conversations with children and the COVID-19 vaccines — with some of the questions posed as a follow-on to a 2020 survey.

About Marketing for Change

Marketing for Change is a full-service creative and research firm propelled by behavioral science and focused on doing good. The agency uses its own behavioral-determinants model to develop and produce products, experiences and campaigns to influence behavior for foundations, governments, nonprofits and healthcare companies. M4C’s efforts not only win awards, but are featured in textbooks and peer-reviewed journals. The agency’s mission is to make what’s good more fun, easy and popular.